Version 2.0 Patch Notes


  • The Old Movement System has been removed
  • Added a New Movement System to the Game
  • Added a new Death Screen
  • Added a Better Flashlight to the Player
  • Removed the Stamina System


  • Added Blocking Meshes to the Exit in the Poolrooms
  • Added a Lever thats hidden somewhere in the Poolrooms
  • Activating this Lever will despawn the Blocking Meshes from the Exit


  • Removed the Old Road
  • Added a New, Updated Road to the Level
  • The Player is safe when standing near a Car
  • The Player will hear a Sound when the “Monster from Above” is approaching
  • When the Player is not near a Car within 6 seconds of this Sound, the Player will die


  • Added Multiplayer Function to this Gamemode
  • Added 2 New Maps (The Hotels, The Bunker)
  • Added a Menu where you can select the Level when Playing Solo
  • Removed the Tape Collected Lobby
  • The Upgrade Feature will be replaced with a Battlepass. The Battlepass will Start with Version 3.0
  • For the Tape Collected Menu we added their own Menu Music


  • In Level Lights Out, the Flashlight now works
  • Increased the Lighting of the Flashlight
  • Some Levels are now brighter
  • Replaced the Old VHS Effect with a better and updated VHS Effect


  • Removed the Bodycam effect
  • Removed the outdated Controls Widget
  • Moved the Map Select Widget on the Tape Collected Gamemode to make it allign better
  • Added some SFX to the Battlepass Widget


  • In Level 69 the “Monster from Above” sometimes doesnt kill the Player
  • Some Levels have Shader Problems
  • When reading a Letter, the Mouse Cursor is bugged and will move the Player. Once clicking when the Widget appears will fix this Problem for now
  • The Mouse Cursor is also bugged when entering the Store or entering the Exit Area on the Store Level. Also here, clicking when the Widget appears will fix this Problem for now
  • We are aware of some Optimization Problems