Hello everyone!

Welcome to the First Dev Blog!
In todays Dev Blog we are going to show you how our Shop System works.


In the Main Menu, a new Button will appear called “Store”. When clicking on this Button, you will come to a New Level where you can Buy things with In-Game Currency.
The Shop Level is not a Widget, it is a Level where you can go around. Thats cool isnt it?

In the Shop Level, go to the Shop Merchant to access the Store. A Widget will appear that looks like this:

Well of course the Black Color will be removed in the Game. But we dont want to tell you to much. So Stay tuned!


The In-Game Currency is a Basic System and is easy to collect. Every Level you finish in the Backrooms, we will award you some Coins. If you find Easter Eggs you even get more Points. Right now, points are easy to collect and we might change that in the Future. If we add more Stuff in the Shop we might also give you the Chance to Buy Coins with Real Money. Stay Tuned!


When the Game Releases, there are only a few things in the Shop. We will expand this with Future Updates. With Version 1.0 you can buy a Gamemode in the Shop, 1 Feature, Easter Eggs and more.
As we said we will expand this and maybe some things will be added during the Development. So Stay Tuned!

This is all we can say Right now about the Shop System. We hope you will like it!

The Next Dev Blog will release on June 6th.

Until next Time!