Hello everyone!

Its been a while since you last heard from us. So today we want to give you an Status Update on what we are working on Next.

We heard you loud and clear and we did some Tests with the current Movement and it just feels a little bit different that the other Games. We are also aware of the Jumping Bug and looking down bug.
We will revamp our Movement System in Version 2.0 so that moving feels better and that Jumping and looking down is working properly. We are also fixing the Camera Head Bobbing. We will share more Informations once we come closer to the Release Date of this Version.

The Tape Collected Gamemode is unlockable in the In-Game Store.
Right now, this Gamemode only has 1 Map which is The Forest.
With Version 2.0 we want to add more Maps to this Gamemode so the Player can change between the Maps and not just Play on the same Map again, again and again.

If you already Unlocked the Tape Collected Gamemode, you may have seen that we are currently working on the Multiplayer and Upgrades Feature for this Gamemode. With Version 2.0 you can Play with your Friends our with Global Players from all over the World and collect all 8 Tapes before the Entities get you. Also, the Upgrades Feature is coming with Version 2.0. After the Update, you can Buy and Upgrade Perks aswell as Items. You can then select the Perks and Item in the Lobby. This Feature is in the Early Development Stage and may change over the Time. We will share more Informations once we come closer to the Release Date of this Version.

The Poolrooms….what an relaxing Place….Well after Version 2.0 you can still Relax in this Level, but you need to find an Lever and switch it and then run to the Exit before the Exit closes. Also, when activating the Lever, an Entity will appear. We will share more Informations about this Change once we come closer to the Release Date of this Version.

Just staying in the Light by your car…And just move with your car until you reach the End.
Yes we agree with you and we will change this Level with Version 2.0.
Right now, we cant share any Detailed Informations on what you have to do in this Level. So Stay Tuned for more Informations!

And last but not least, we will add more Shop Items with Version 2.0.
This should keep the Player ahead of collecting Coins and completing the Game to buy all the Things from the Shop. Also, you will be able to collect Coins by playing the Tape Collected Gamemode right after this Update.

This is everything we have for you Today.
We hope you like these new Changes and Improvements and we cant wait to share more Details soon with you.

Until next Time!