Next Plans

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to an Dev Blog. In Todays Dev Blog, we are going to discuss what next Plans we have for the Game. In an previous Post we said that there is not much Content Planed for the Game, but well our Minds have changed!

In the Patch after Halloween, we are changed how to Lobby for the Story Mode works. Also, we are going to change the Main Menu a little bit. The Lobby will be removed and the “Game Options” Widget where you can change everything like Starting Level or Difficulty will be added directly to the “Story Mode” Widget. This should make it easier for New Players to understand how to start the Story Mode.

The Main Menu will be changed the following Way:
Everytime the Player will be spawned to the Main Menu, you will be prompted to click anywhere to continue. Once clicked, the Main Widget will appear as well as the Menu Background. With this Update, we are adding 2 new Menu Backgrounds with more to come!

In the Electrical Station, there is one Part where you can fall off the Map and have to Respawn. Yep this Part is getting Removed with the Update after Halloween. We have seen quite a few Gameplays where players thought they have to do anything in there. So we have deceided to remove this Area so New Players will easily understand they have to go back.

With this Patch, we are also going to change some things in the Level: Lights Out. First we want to lower the Monster Run Speed in this Level for all Difficultys. Also, the Monster will spawn somewhere else so that new Players can have a better experience facing this Level.

Well the Only thing we are going to change/add in the Tape Collected Gamemode is a Tutorial Screen so new Players know what to do in this Gamemode. With this Update, we are also going to remove the Tooltips on the Bottom.

Also, with this Patch we are going to Improve the Loading Time it takes to load into the Start Level.
Players have reported this Issue several Times and with this Patch this Bug is finally fixed!
After this Patch, once the Loading Screen starts, it should only take around 5 seconds and you are loaded into the Level!

The Changes listed above will Release after Halloween. An exact Release Date will be announced soon.
Also here is something we are announcing Today that is coming in the near Future:

Today we are Happy to Announce that in the near Future an DLC will become Available where Players can continuing exploring the Backrooms. In the Main Story end you endup again in the Backrooms…But this Time something changed…Some new Levels are making their Way into the Game aswell as new Entities. Also some Old Levels are going to be back. Stay Tuned for more Infos!

This is everything we have for Today. We hope you are as exited as we are and we can´t wait to see what you think about these Changes.

Until next Time!